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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code: Identify the NAICS Code from the NAICS website for the organization (a life sciences firm producing cancer treatment drugs) in the course scenario. Make sure the NAICS code relates to either the oncology, pharmaceutical, or medicines sectors.
How will you use the code to find potential buyers in your segment?
Top competitors: Identify the top three organizations in the same industry with the same NAICS code as the organization in the course scenario and explain three criteria you used for shortlisting these companies. Use resources such as IBISWorld, Mergent ONLINE, and MarketLine to help you in your research. Consider the following in your response:
Why did you select these three criteria?
How do these three criteria impact the organization?
What other criteria did you consider but not use? Why did you not use those criteria?
Company information: Summarize the following information for the three competitors and potential alternative buyers. Use resources like investor relations pages on the organizations websites and MarketLine to help you in your research. (Consider using a table to capture this information.)