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As a result of the unexpected 2020,COVID pandemic, many countries were not fully prepared to deal with the financial, social and the death tolls that this pandemic caused. One country, The United States was extremely unprepared and even a year after the pandemic started, the US is struggling to contain new cases and getting its citizens to be completely vaccinated. One country who quickly was able to contain their cases of COVID was Australia. Early in the course of the pandemic, Australia ceased all inbound travel except for exceptional circumstances (Cornell, 2021). Early in the pandemic, the federal government introduced a $130-billion-dollar economic bailout (Forbes, 2021). During this pandemic, what is the biggest difference was the fact that both political parties put their differences aside and put the best judgement forward the good of Australians.  The Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, stated there are no blue or red teams, there are no unions or bosses. There are just Australians now (Forbes, 2021). Only 148 contracted the disease and 15 percent were hospitalized. In opposite, the US turned the pandemic into political warfare, using the mask and vaccine mandate to divide the country. During the pandemics crucial early days and weeks, then president Donald Trump and other authority figures actively minimized the viruss threat( Lewis, 2021).

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How and what might the United States learn from other countries in handling pandemics like COVID- 19 ?  Use at least two peer-reviewed professional references and your textbook to address the question and respond at least once to a colleague’s submission.


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