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This assignment is designed to introduce and give you practice finding, identifying, & summarizing  a credible source of information.  You are to choose one article from a scholarly nursing journal
  1. Find an article from an evidence-based Nursing Journal
  2. Must be current within the last 5 years
  3. As you write your paragraphs include a concise introduction (with a purpose statement, a summary of the information & usefulness).  Paragraphs should be in full sentences, using correct grammar and spelling.  Hint: Length of the entry is often linked with the length of the source.
    1. Summarize the content of the source in your own words (paraphrasing), making sure to cite your source in the paragraphs.
    2. If you use a direct quote, make sure to utilize    , and include a p. # in the citation.
    3. Evaluate the usefulness of the information from the source
  4. Include a title page and a reference page following APA format.
  5. Cannot exceed 1.5 pages of content.
  6. Make sure to use spell check and check your grammar before submission.
  7. This paper is being submitted to Safe Assign, which is the university tool to check for plagiarism.
example attached