Nursing Theory and Diagnosis

Paper details:

Module Two Discussion questions (listed below) are stated broadly to incorporate synthesis of information from the required textbook as well as additional professional literature (research based, peer-reviewed, and such). The hope is to expand the mind to explore and share great exploratory thoughts based on literature at a graduate level.


The focus is to open with a broad base of how nursing diagnosis, nursing therapeutic taxonomies, evolution of nursing theories, and evidence-based practice connect and further nursing knowledge as well as the discipline of nursing (question one [1]). To thoroughly answer question one, use current professional literature.


After a broad discussion tying in nursing theory, move to discussion of grand theories (questions two [2]and three [3]). After discussion of grand theories move to discussion of middle-range theories (question four [4]), and comparison of grand and middle-range nursing theories (questions five [5], and six [6]). To thoroughly answer questions two through six, use current professional literature and required textbooks.


If accessing the original source of a nursing theory, the year of the nursing theory creation may be older than “within the last three to five years.” The original source (older than within the last three to five years) of nursing theory may count as one professional source. The additional number of required professional literature needs to be within the last three to five years