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On our Buggy Moral Code?

 Assignment Instructions: 1) Watch the TEDTalk on Dan Ariely’s “On our Buggy Moral Code?” 2) Write your reflection on this talk, including your thoughts on the questions below. 3) Additionally, provide at least two take-aways from this TEDTalk. 4) What are your thoughts on the research discussed in the TED Talk? 5) Can you think of an example where an organization “encourages” the tweaking of data to provide a better picture of productivity? 6) What are your thoughts on the acceptance of “stealing” as long as it is not money? For example: Intellectual Property. 7) Anything else from the TED talk that you found of interest? You will create an original Discussion Board Assignment Post.

Your post should be of significant length (minimum of 440 words) to show that you have given appropriate reflection on 1-7 above and an understanding of the material. Rubric Below Discussion Board Rubric Grading Criteria for each Component Maximum Points – 20 1: Formatting Professionally Formatted; Section & Paragraph Headings, Ease of readability (paragraphs separated, bolded headings, etc.) 3 2: Answered Discussion Questions All components of this assignment discussed thoroughly and substantively, with examples. Content from reading materials and course book synthesized well. Personal and Professional examples given, when appropriate. 12 3: APA; Proper Writing Protocol: All formatting and writing guidelines are followed. Paragraphs well- written with coherent flow and transitions between sentences and paragraphs; Writing Mechanics (correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, word usage). APA citation for both in- text and fully referenced in proper format for outside sources used. Paraphrasing in check. NOTE: Poor paraphrasing, little to no in-text citations and/or little to no references could result in a 0 or failing grade. 5 Total Points – 20