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Project: Xeriscaping Research Project
Project Objective
In this project you will research and write an essay on xeriscaping and its advantages and disadvantages.
Project Outline
Follow the plan below to help you stay on-task and have a more successful experience.
Read the background information about your project.
Research and Authoring
Research the topic thoroughly using reliable sources and communicate your findings by authoring a research paper.
File Upload
Upload your final work. Be sure to cite your sources properly.
Our world is changing, and we need to change too. As drought becomes more common in areas like the southwestern United States, we need to modify our water usage to alleviate the effects. Conserving water is important to ensure this resource is available for future generations. There are many small actions that you can do around your home and in your community to conserve water, such as collecting rainwater or turning off the tap when you brush your teeth. Another way to conserve water is to change our surroundings.

Utilize and examine reliable sources of information to discover what is already known about xeriscaping. Be sure in your research paper to discuss and communicate answers to the following points:

describe what xeriscaping is and what is involved in a successful xeriscaping project
describe the history of xeriscaping
describe where xeriscaping is best implemented and why
research and discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of xeriscaping
As you look up information from books or websites, be sure to list your sources. If you need help with this, use this handy guide:citing source material guide.