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One of the most interesting aspects about the federal judiciary is that judges in the federal system are appointed for life, and can only be removed for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The two most recent nomination processes for a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, those of Justices Kavanaugh and Comey-Barrett, were especially conflict-laden. 


Read the following article for National Public Radio about this particular process: 




Then answer the following questions:


In your opinion, is the current, highly-political, method for selecting and seating justices on the United States Supreme Court the most effective way to staff the federal judiciary? 


Should we (as society) look for an alternative method for staffing the federal judiciary, such as an elections process (like some state judiciaries)? 


If we (as society) selected another method for selecting judges (such as an election), what would be the pros and cons of that process? 


How do you think this process could work better or worse than the current process for selecting federal judges?