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Here are more rules that can help you be successful (Slide 3)

• Use some sort of organizational system that is portable and easy to use.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Unclutter your thinking by doing a daily ‘brain dump’. Don’t leave your car or office

until you have recorded every activity, idea, task, or project that you will need to work on

the next day. Place it in your planner whether it is traditional or electronic.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Operate from the perspective of objectives to be achieved rather than activities to be

worked on daily. Worry more about why you are doing something and the outcome than

becoming lost in a quagmire of confusion.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Learn to compartmentalize your thinking. Focus on whatever project you have at hand

and do not let problems, other issues, or difficulties cloud your thinking.

• Master the fundamentals of effective time management. The need for that skill will never

end.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Stay ahead of the clutter and miscellaneous items such as paperwork, magazines, and

journals. You may not have the luxury of a private office, but you can keep your desk

uncluttered (Slide 4). Whatever it is, do not let it become cluttered and unusable (Slide 5).(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Learn how to prioritize. Master the skills of prioritizing your prospects, activities, ideas,

projects, and actions. A poor or non-existent prioritization system can in negative

consequences even to the best intentioned Realtors®.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• Master the art of handling and expediting paperwork. Develop a simple filing system that

works. Set aside time daily to handle paperwork and divide it into three types – action,

information, and reading.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

• If you drive to a prospect’s home, ensure that you have all of the forms you may need to

list a house or qualify a buyer with you.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)