The case study is to be 6-7 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. Use the following headings:

  • Section One: Case Scenario (1 page)
    • Client demographics
    • Presenting problem and symptoms
  • Section Two: Treatment Approach (1-2 pages)
    • Identify an evidence-based treatment approach, using citations, that is appropriate for treating the client’s presenting concerns
    • Identify the theoretical orientation and describe at least two interventions consistent with the theory
  • Section Three: Rationale for Selected Treatment Approach (Including ASERVIC Competencies) (2-3 pages)
    • Provide a rationale for your selected theory and interventions
      • Why would you select this approach instead of other options?
      • Based on research, why would this approach be an effective choice?
    • Identify the ASERVIC competencies addressed in each intervention
  • Section Four: Limitations and Ethical Considerations (1 page)
    • Identify possible limitations to your selected treatment approach
    • Identify ethical considerations that might apply to this treatment scenario


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