Watch the videos presented by PBS about mental illness


Question 1: Choose and discuss one mental health disorder (schizophrenia, depression, mood & anxiety disorders, autism, ADHD); making sure to address epidemiology, high-risk populations, treatment and role of community health nurse in assisting individuals with the selected mental health disorder).


Question 2: Discuss at least 2 barriers to treatment of mental health disorders and how these impact persons with mental health disorders (make sure to integrate the PBS video you watched along with 2 other sources including one from this week’s Module-TedTalk or chapter readings to support your responses).


Question 3: Describe how the watching of the PBS video and the other resources provided this week helped you to understand mental health disorders. How did these sources change, inform or otherwise influence your current understanding of mental health disorders. What is your understanding of the role of the community health nurse in addressing mental illness?

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