Read the essay written by S. Chambers, and answer the questions below:

(1) Explain the distinction of “the state,” “economy,” and “civil society” by using the terms “lifeworld” and “system” (pp. 92–96). 

(2) Summarize J. Habermas’ discussion about democracy and the public sphere (pp. 96– 100). 


Chambers, S. (2002). A critical theory of civil society. In S. Chambers and W. Kymlicka (Eds.), Alternative conceptions of civil society. Princeton: Princeton University Press. (Please download it from the Portal site.) 


⚫ Length: between 1,500 and 2,000 words. 

⚫ Format: WORD (or PDF), A4 size. 

 IMPORTANT POINTS for assessment: 

⚫ whether your understanding of the text is reasonable

⚫ whether you successfully paraphrase the text rather than directly quote from the text too much

⚫ whether your explanation is logical and plausible


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