PART 1- 


Mason et al., Chapters (some are quite short)

Please read: 15, 16, 17,18, & 19

Then select from: Finance: 20, 31,


Mason et al. Chpt 51

2. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – please explore website.

3. Institute for Healthcare Improvement, it is an extremely valuable source for information, research, and action in healthcare outcomes improvement

Also, view the video: ACA and AHCA: Don Berwick Breaks It Down (17: to 49)


Links to summary and full text of the Affordable Care Act:

Resources to explore from the American Nurses Association Health System Reform and Health System Transformation Resources


For part 2 of assignment: 


Part A2

Mason et al., 2020

OECD Healthcare at a Glance


Optional sources:

4.Very Brief Webpage describing the “Swiss Cheese” theory applied to patient safety ( From Duke Univ. Medical Center):



Post Part A1. Based on this week’s readings, what concept or strategy for health care financing and for delivery of quality care do you feel will be most relevant in your future practice? Please discuss one or two ideas. Please support your ideas.




Post Part A2. Based on your knowledge of social determinants of population health identify the pros and cons of our current health care finance and delivery system. Using the OECD Indicators compare health care expenditures and outcomes between the US and other OECD countries.

(Two-three paragraphs or 300-400 words) 


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