In Unit Two, we learned that the Ancient Greeks held “symposia,” a highly structured “drinking party” where guests were tested on how to behave while “drinking, discussing, and carousing with good looking people.”  These symposia celebrated great minds and beauty.  Then, in Unit Three, we learned that the Renaissance was a time where Europe looked back on the Ancient Greeks to study and re-create the classical Humanities.  Now, in the Enlightenment, we see the development of the salon, which also harkens back to the Greek “symposia.” 

For this discussion, imagine yourself to be a citizen in the Enlightenment.  Your job is to host a salon where you and your friends discuss the important topics of the day.  To get the discussion going, select a topic or idea that is presented in this Learning Unit. Write a 150 word post that establishes the idea, takes a position (makes an argument for or against) the idea, and compares the idea with other information or ideas from the Enlightenment.  Be sure to reference specific ideas, authors, or readings and use quotation marks where applicable.  


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