This assignment is asking you to explore a great French novel, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, not for its literary value, but for what it can teach us about nineteenth-century France.  You are not writing a summary of the novel; rather, you are using it as a primary source document from a particular point in French history. The novel is filled with numerous references to social, political, and economic conditions at the time.  You should be looking for things like class tensions, gender roles, economic struggles, political developments, and other issues that Flaubert brings to light in the novel.  Explain how he portrays different issues and what this teaches us about the period. 

Your paper needs to be three to four typed pages, and provide page references for any quotes that you might use.  Quotes should be used sparingly as examples to illustrate your points, and not simply to lengthen your paper. .  Please use 12-point font and regular margins.  You do not need to include a title page; just make sure that your name and course number are at the top of the first page. 

Here is the structure that you should follow:

Part I (1/2 page):  Introduction—identify the setting of the novel (time, location) and your thesis, which should go beyond simply writing: “Madame Bovary can teach us a lot about France in the nineteenth century.  Identify the specific issues you intend to analyze in the paper in your thesis. 

Part II (2 pages):  Explain numerous examples for each of the issues you intend to analyze.  Include specific incidents from the novel to explain your points.  Be sure to organize your ideas into coherent paragraphs.  For example, women’s roles shouldn’t be included in a paragraph largely devoted to economic issues. 


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