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Is Advertising Ethical? (Initial post) 

Advertisers are regularly criticized for their promotional methods because they create WANTS as opposed to helping satisfy NEEDS for consumers.  

  1. Is there an example of an advertisement that you believe falls into this category.
  2. Why did you choose this advertisement? Have you bought the product?
  3. Should the advertising industry respond to such criticisms? Explain.
  4. Have companies responded to criticisms? And, what are some of the changes they have made in their approaches to consumers?

Respond to 2 of your classmates questions. Check your Curiosity Score is 60or higher. 60 is the minimum to receive full credit. To increase your Curiosity Score, add a research source and cite it in your posts.

You can add photos or videos, just make sure you use proper etiquette and the ads are respectful to all that would view them.

Considering the Super Bowl was just played this should be an interesting discussion!




What has happened with Pepsi? (I need a response to this classmate for the discussion board) 

In adds there are many things that can be seen where there is a prospect that the information that is given that will not satisfy the needs rather make more wants. This can be seen in Pepsi commercials and products. They tend to be closely related to a standard chip, which is food that has very little national value. This is just an example of a product that does not satisfy a need rather it creates a want. Doritos are just a product that most can find in many households, that most will have at a party or a gathering. This is something that my family purchases and will eat rather regularly. I think that the advertising shouldn’t be focused to kids if they are unhealthy but also should not be labeled as unhealthy. This would allow for the product to remain in circulation but without the same publication as it has now. There has been backlash for the way that they work with the prosecutions of advertising in the teams of health for the public. This can be seen in the production of the half time show advertisements, these can be seen as over the top and full fledged productions.


Are online ads for children unethical? (I need a response to this classmate for the discussion board) 

Most children these days can play games or watch videos online. According to Chavie Lieber, “Today, children 8 and under average about 2 hours and 19 minutes a day of screen time, while kids 8 to 12 spend an average of 4 hours and 38 minutes” (Lieber, 2018). I am sure the statistic has risen since 2018. I know as a parent it is much easier to to pay attention to what a child is watching on TV then it is to see what they are doing on a personal device. I allow my 5-year old to watch YouTube or play games on his tablet for 15 minutes every day. We have all the blocks on so he can only do certain things, but during those 15 minutes I am sure there are many adds and pop ups that encourage children to buy something. Several times he has been able to purchase something without us knowing. These adds at times make the child feel obligated as if they must or they will get in trouble, and that is unethical. I do believe that parents need to be in control and make sure children understand what these ads are for what what advertisers are trying to accomplish, but there are many ads that are over the top and should be removed.


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