Nursing Evolution Paper Guidelines

  1. Compare theory to skills classes and how each reinforce learning 
  2. Discuss what you have learned such as in communication, educating patients, patient safety, patient advocacy and/or collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, and its importance in improving patient outcomes.  How will you apply this as you move forward in the nursing program as well as on the clinical floor? 
  3.  What are some of the leadership qualities that you believe are important in improving patient outcomes?  What have you that helped develop those leadership qualities in yourself?  Did you seek out opportunities to grow and give examples; such as being a role model for your peers, organizing a study group, using resources (NCLEX workshops, PALS, APA workshops) to increase your knowledge and improve your leadership skills to apply as you move forward in this nursing program.  Give example(s).
  4. Use APA format.  Cite sources correctly within the paper with a reference page when using ideas or words from authors you obtained your information from if applicable. No minimum number of citations needed. Only need to cite if you use references in your paper. 

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