o Literature Review (What research has been published already about your general topic? What are the common arguments, methods, and problems associated with your topic? How do your sources work together to support what you are trying to do with your own study?)

 o Methods (How did you gather your data?) o Results (What did you find? This section should be just a report or summary – not an analysis – of the data. This section should also include a visual representation of some of your data that you will create. 

o Discussion (What do your findings mean? How did the limitations of your study impact your results? This should be an analysis – not a summary or report – of your data.)

 o Conclusion (Why are your findings important to the larger question or general topic you addressed in this study? Why should your readers care about your findings? What can future researchers do to further address your research question, and how might they learn from your challenges or mistakes?) 


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