Over the past two weeks, we have been discussing the role of power, politics, and social order in shaping culture. For your second Cultural Analysis Essay, you will apply the anthropological theories covered to your own life and community. Select one system of authority or power which influences your life. This may range from the federal government, to county commissioners, to local police, etc. Whichever you choose, you must focus on that system of governance and control. 



Your essay must consist of two sections.

Section 1: Define and describe the system of authority or power you have chosen to write about. Consider: What is it? Who is a part of it? How did these individuals get there? What do they do? (300 words)

Section 2: Applying the anthropological theories discussed in class, critically engage with how these systems shape your culture. It may be easiest to focus on a single example (e.g., speed limits, drinking age). (500 words)

Your essay must be 800 words total. Be critical and clinical in your essay. This topic may feel personal to you and you may have very strong emotions about your given topic, but try to write like a scholar with objectivity in mind. No intolerant or derogatory language will be accepted.


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