It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this needs assessment both individually and as a group, as the subsequent portions of this assignment will stem directly from the information provided therein. It is important to remember that although your needs assessment will address a wide range of issues, you should focus on issues related to mental health. As you familiarize yourself with this needs assessment, please consider the following questions to guide your discussion: 

1. What social determinants of health are prominent in the issues faced by this community? How is mental health prominent in your needs assessment? 

2. How can you connect these issues to micro, mezzo and macro levels? 

3. What information can be gathered if you look at this needs assessment from a strengths/asset-based approach? 

4. What interventions (if any) have been tried to respond to these issues (both within and outside the target community)? What can you learn from these examples? What organizations exist in the Greater Toronto Area that may be useful or relevant to respond to these issues? 14 

 5. What information is lacking? What other research (data, statistics, reports, academic research) would be helpful to shape effective responses to these issues? 

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