Organizational and Financial Analysis Essay
1. Please read the attached paper requirements first and then read this. These are my notes on how to write this that were not included in the requirement.
2. Please feel free to choose any art non-profit organization that you like that is in the US, and the professor has said that it is way better and easier to choose the organization because its investment / budget / overall money size is smaller, less than 1 million. It is much much easier when it comes to the Section 2 finances part.
3. I am including all the class lectures and readings because the professor has suggested that the grading is more on how well you know the class readings and can incorporate the theories and methods in the paper. It is not about how much you know this specific art non-profit organization.
4. The professor has stated that each section should have a thesis statement if you plan to have the two parts completely separate. If you want to write the whole thing together, then there should be one thesis statement that comprehensively concludes the paper.
5. For Section 1, please put the exact mission statement in the text, with proper citation. It is also asked that you interpret the mission statement, to use the words in the mission statement to elaborate on why you choose this and what you are going to do with it.
6. If you are citing the class lecture, please refer to the Turabian (/Chicago) citation styles citation method under oral or written communication.
7. The questions listed in the paper requirement are dimensions that the paper should be exploring, it should go beyond just answering the questions, and really about showing the understanding of class reading and lectures (more on readings.)
8. I have placed two orders with you, but please be mindful that this paper is Turabian (/Chicago) citation style, unlike the other one.
9. Please contact me if you cannot create an account at, but I think it should be open to the public. And some organizations may not have a full financial record on, in this case, please check the IRS. They should definitely have it.
10. I understand this is a more complicated paper, but I do hope to get a good grade on this. And I hope to work together with you on all the future papers. So I placed the order for 5 pages, but the requirement is 1000 words maximum (not including the mission statement.)