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Organizational Transformation Core Component

Several large shelters for the homeless in neighboring cities have closed down due to funding problems. With the warm summer weather, there has been a sharp increase in the transient population. Your city’s abundance of parks with 24-hour bathrooms has become a refuge for a variety of homeless and emotionally disturbed persons.

Wide-scale complaints are being made regarding drunks sleeping or passing out throughout the park, human feces in public areas, fights, thefts, and several stabbings, as well as the public restrooms being used for bathing and lewd activity.

An article in the local newspaper about the problem and citizen discontent was titled, “Hobo Park Needs Help.” Question for your post: What is the problem in this situation? As a police manager, how would you address the problem using COP: Core Component 1: Community Partnerships Core Component 2: Organizational Transformation Core Component 3: Problem Solving