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Off the Rails Paper
Paper details:
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper assessing the situation at the detention center. Include a discussion of the following questions:

How does the lack of leadership from the chief executive affect an organization? Can other sources provide leadership?
Who are constituents of the detention center? How are they affected by the situation?
What is the result when supervisors focus on process instead of people?
What trends found in Ch. 3 of Managing Police Organizations should the detention center embrace? How would you go about implementing them?
What does the research on leadership described in Ch. 7 of Criminal Justice Organizations suggest needs to change at the detention center? What attributes of leaders is suggested?

Include at least one scholarly source in addition to the two textbooks. Include at LEAST TWO (2) citations from a source(s) in your paper.

the pdf i attached is what the paper will be based off of the other 2 book references just need to to be referenced and can be apart of the sources used