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Organizing for Performance: Four Vignettes: Case Questions

This case provides examples of organizations with very different business strategies: Walmart, Starbucks, Harvard Business School and Google. You must evaluate their organizational designs and configurations in relation to strategies and provide recommendations. In the process, you must consider the primary customers of these companies and see how resources can be allocated to best serve customer needs. After you have read the case, please answer the following questions in the order in which they appear. To show that you have thoughtfully deliberated on the issues posed in the case, please be sure to give your reasoning for all your answers.

This must include the concepts discussed in the course so far. You are also encouraged to incorporate your work experiences or external articles that relate to the questions posed.  Questions: 1. In figure 2, the size of the boxes illustrate the relative resources allocated to different functions. Which of these diagrams do you think best illustrates the way Walmart should allocate span of control to maintain its Everyday Low Prices strategy? Why?

2. Why did Starbucks adopt a Local Value Creation configuration? 3. In designing this new structure,  which functions should Starbucks retain at the corporate center? Which should be pushed out to the regional centers? Why? 4. Figure 4 represents two alternative organization charts for HBS. Which of these two charts (the top chart or the bottom chart) would you choose if students were the primary customers? Which would you choose if faculty from other universities were the primary customers? Explain why. 7. Which of the five organizational design choices would you recommend for Google? Why? Additional Instructions: Submission length: 500-1500 words Citations:

Please provide appropriate citations (APA ,  or MLA format) External Sources: Appropriate sources include reputable business journals, newspapers or magazines (peer-reviewed or with an independent editorial board), trade reports or trade journals, company websites, company reports such as annual reports etc. Evidence: You must support all main arguments in your answers. Here is a quick reference link for how to support an argument:  Format: Word document (doc, docx) in Times New Roman-12 font and single-spaced BSB Standards for Written Communication: The following attachment:  to review the writing expectations for formal assignments in this course.