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My masters program is in Public Administration Non-ProfitManagement. The instructions, rubric, textbook readings, presentations, andother required documents are attached.Please be sure to read all the documents in their entirety.

The paper should not be longer than 3-5 pages (not includingthe title page, abstract, and reference page) in current APA format addressingthe four separate content areas. It is strongly recommended that you useheadings and subheadings for this paper.


1. You must state what the role of government is for each ofthe 5 Biblical concepts.

2. You must state how the government can use each of the 5Biblical concepts to address your policy issue of choice.

3. You must explain the role of government as it relates toeach of the three worldviews.

Not doing these 3 things is where a student will losepoints.

You must include citations from:

* All required sources/presentations from Modules/Weeks 12must be used, especially the Biblical Principles of Government article, inaddition to 35 outside sources. ) NOTE: These sources should be focused on theproblem and the piece of legislation, and you may find that you need more thanjust 3-5 sources to adequately research and discuss these items. *TheConstitution must also be cited as appropriate, especially for question 3.Please see attached documents.

Please address all four areas in four separate sections:



For Sections to be addressed:

1.            Explainhow the following Biblical concepts and describe how each contributes to whatthe Bible s ays about the role of government:



             Institutionalseparation of church and state




2.            Provideone specific federal policy and apply the Biblical principles from section one,explaining how they would be helpful for understanding the governmentsapproach to the issue.  It is notnecessary to use all the Biblical Principles, just those that are most applicableto the policy being discussed.


3.            Providean overview of the key enumerated powers in the Constitution relevant for whateach branch of government may and may not do. Make sure to discuss all three branches of government and how they aresupposed to work together to form a functional government.


4.            Compareand contrast how the three basic worldviews discussed in week 1presentations and activities would define the role of government and otheractors in policy solutions.  Make sure togive a brief synopsis of the tenets of each of the worldviews.