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Economics – Analysis of Intel Corporation
Paper details:
Please answer both questions below.

Question 1. Drawing on relevant economic theories and empirical literature, critically analyse the
factors which affect the demand and supply of Intel Corporation (https://www.intc.com/)

Question 2. Paying particular attention to the impact of inflation, disruptions of global supply chains
and any other relevant economic developments, explore how current (i.e. over the past
12 months) and predicted changes to demand and supply are affecting Intel’s performance, in terms of revenues, costs and profitability, and other objectives the organisation might pursue in the short and the long-term.

With regard to identifying and collecting information about which factors apply in particular to demand and supply, please utilise Intel Corporation’s annual and quarterly reports, industry and sector reviews (e.g. via EBSCO, Mintel, Trade Associations etc.), as well as relevant reports and projections by National Statistical Offices, Central Banks, and International Organisations.