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Peer response for this Discussion post

This quote discusses reframing the situation, it is a coping mechanism. Often when we are struggling with challenges, we can reframe the situation in a few different ways. 1) Struggles can be reframed to help someone look at what they learn about themselves, their interests and identity, and the struggles that others face.  2)  This quote might motivate someone to be thankful for each thing that they can do as they recover, being grateful that they live another day even if it is to struggle another day. 3) This quote can make someone reflect on being thankful for the support systems that they have, and how their challenges make them realize who is there for them. 

I think it is always important to acknowledge that someones frustrations are valid even if it is not something that would frustrate us. I think that there are many ways to use experiences to foster resilience, gratitude is not the only way. Gratitude is easier than other reflective concepts, it instills a level of peace but is often in reflection of worse alternatives. I don’t think it is ever helpful not to accept the frustration that recovery, limitations in occupations of value but developing resiliency is important but it can be a balance between doing that through gratitude and other tactics.

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