Despite costs associated with , it is one way health care organizations can ensure that only competent, qualified personnel care for patients. Some management experts have recommended that performance appraisals be eliminated from the work setting.


Do you agree with these experts? Why or why not? Be specific.

Remember this is scholarly writing and not a venue for your personal opinion. Support your assertions with evidence from recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (preferablynursing journals). ( To reiterate, "recent" is less than five years old.) Remember, your textbook is not a journal.

This assignment should be submitted in a Word document in APA format including title page, headers, citations in text, and  reference page. The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages, excluding the title page and reference list. You may only submit one file and no late submissions will be penalized. Your submission will be evaluated using the rubric posted on Moodle.