Demonstrate your understanding of personality and motivation, and your critical thinking and writing skills, by synthesizing theories of personality and motivation as covered in your textbook readings this week. Include any theories you have discovered on your own personality and motivation research efforts. Base your response to this assignment on the personality of somebody with whom you have direct experience in the workplace—it could be a peer, a manager, a subordinate, or even yourself.

  1. Describe the person’s personality broadly (either as described by the "Big Five" model, or by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator from Chapter 9 of your textbook).
  2. Given what you know of the personality under examination, explain which theory, or theories, of motivation would be most effective for a manager to use when trying to help this individual achieve his or her full potential at work.
  3. Describe the process of determination, and the theory, or theories, you eventually recommend.
  4. Explain how the manager can use the tenets of that theory, or those theories, as applied to the person who serves as your case study.