pH and Enzyme Activity

 1.Describe the pH scale. You can do this with a drawing of the pH scale as an option.

 2.In Ex 4, fill in the data chart with the numbers of the intensity scale at 10 minutes. Note that pH 10 and pH 12 are gray, but clear.

 Time (min) pH2 pH4 pH6 pH7 pH8 pH10 pH12 10        

 3.Within what pH range will catechol oxidase catalyze catechol and oxygen to form benzoquinone? At pH 7

 4.What is the optimum pH for catechol oxidase? Catechol oxidase enzyme has an optimum pH of about 7.

 5.Which pH values denature the enzyme?  Most other enzymes function within a working pH range of about pH 5-9 with neutral pH 7 being the optimum.