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Start with your Phase 1 report. Turn on Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Revise your Word document to meet meet the requirements detailed below. (I have attached the phase I report for you to continue based from that).

Phase 2: Data

Continue working on your Word document in the Collaboration area. Phase II requirements are detailed below.

Your Phase II report should be structured in a manner similar to this (be sure to follow the complete instructions in the Phase II requirements doc linked below):


  • Will analytics need to be performed at the edge, in the cloud, or both? Explain and justify your choices

  • The Best Antivirus for Android

  • 1. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

    There are two versions of Bitdefender for Android. One is the completely free Bitdefender Antivirus app and the other is called Mobile Security for Android, which isn’t free.

    The former does one job only: protects your Android phone or tablet from viruses. And it does a fantastic job: in AV-Test’s most recent report, Bitdefender caught 100% of viruses thrown at it, all without affecting the device’s performance or battery life.

    That might sound great, but you get a lot more protection in the Mobile Security & Antivirus app. One of the most useful is warnings of potentially dangerous links in SMS and other messages and notifications to help you avoid being scammed.


    2. Norton Mobile Security

    Norton used to offer free Android antivirus, but no longer does. This means you’ll have to pay, but there are various options from the single-device subscription (Norton Mobile Security) that costs $15 / £9.99 (for the first year), a Norton 360 for Mobile single-device subscription for $50 / £40 and Norton 360 Deluxe which protects five devices for £85/$105 per year, but discounted to £30/$35 for the first year.

    And, unlike in years gone by, everything is integrated into a single app: there’s no need to run separate apps for antivirus, VPN and ID protection.

    Like Bitdefender Mobile Security, it scored full marks in AV-Test’s latest report, blocking 100% of threats and having no impact on performance or battery life.


    3 . McAfee Security

    McAfee used to offer a free Android antivirus app called Mobile Security. That’s been replaced by McAfee Security – which integrates the previously separate VPN.

    You’ll need a subscription to use it, though. Even if you want to take advantage of the free trial, you’ll need to sign up for an account.

    Of course, the core malware protection remains the same as in the old app, and it blocked 100% of malware samples in AV-Test’s most recent report. In fact, McAfee would have had a clean sheet in all tests if it hadn’t flagged a legitimate app as malware. However, that’s just a single app among the almost 1500 tested. As you’d expect, this protection works away in the background, monitoring continuously for any dangers: you don’t have to remember to run virus scans manually.


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