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Applied Biostatistics

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Paper Assignment-II

Answer the following questions in a Word document, using the provided datasheet (You may use SPSS for your analyses):

a.Can we predict patients baseline HbA1c (in mmol/mol) from their Total Cholesterol (in mmol/L)? Provide a complete statistical investigation using correlation and regression analyses (including the regression equation) with proper written interpretation and visual illustrations.

(7 marks)

b.Drawing on your conclusion in the previous question. Can we add other variables to the regression model for confounding effect control? Provide at least two confounding variables with proper justification? (3 marks)


  • Cover sheet should be attached with assignment
  • Complete students information on the first page of the document.
  • Font should be 12 Times New Roman
  • Line spacing should be 1.5
  • The text color should be Black
  • Maximum 1000 words (Excluding references)
  • Use proper references using APA format
  • Do proper paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism
  • Do not copy and paste raw tables/results from statistical programs, use your own words and write your answers in a clear and concise fashion.