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NO outside research will be accepted. You may use any of the texts, notes, videos or class discussions, but Googling the concepts is a poor replacement for the works provided in the class and your own capacity for analysis. This is not a research course, and book reports or other forms of essays relying exclusively on outside texts will be graded as if they do not fulfill the assignment.


 No need for a works cited page, format citations of notes, videos etc however you like so long as it is both clear and consistent. 


–You must include an outline for credit

Choose ONE topic to write  words.

A) What is the importance of intentions when evaluating an ethical result? How do you know the importance of themis it determined by you, the observer? By the result itself? By the intender?


B) How do you evaluate whether a being is good at being good? What standards do you use, and can you be wrong?


C) Are emotions important when forming ethical claims? Do we have ethical obligations to experience or evaluate emotions?


D) Do we have a duty to connect our ethical claims and our moral actions? If we do, what does failure mean? If we do not, is there any connection between our ethics and our actions?


E) Consider the case of Frankenstein’s monster. Did he have agency? How do we know?