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philosophy of Descartes

Please read the guidelines for completing this assignment here:  Also, please remember to review the rubric for this assignment both before you complete your work and once again before submitting to make sure you have done your best to fulfill all of the evaluation criteria.  Each week, you are asked to engage in an interactive discussion forum that involves two types of tasks: argumentative discussions and peer critiques. For

the first part, ask and answer two original questions that are tied closely to each week’s content (reading assignments). The second part of the assignment asks you to post two peer critiques in reply to your classmates’ Q&A discussions. So, over the four weeks of class, you will be

completing a total of eight (8) Q&A discussions and eight (8) peer critiques. Part I:  Q&A Discussion (two each week) Part II: Peer Critique (two each week) For the Week One Discussion Forum: I) Q&A: Ask and answer two original questions based directly and succinctly upon the Week One readings; address the writings, ideas, and theories of each of the following philosophers (one Q&A for each topic): Topic 1: “Ancient Greece”: Plato (you may select any of the particular reading assignments by Plato from Week One, which include the philosophical ideas and theories of Socrates). Topic 2: “Rationalism”:

Ren Descartes (consider here only Meditations I and II from Descartes’s Meditations on First Philosophy).  Bring in current events and/or a creative angle to make the assignment interesting to yourself! This will also give your essay an obvious stamp of originality. 

For example, you could ask, “What did Plato say about Truth?” Or you could be more creative by asking something to the effect of, “Did Plato posit the existence of certain Truth, and if so, how did he think we can acquire it?*

Finally, what would Plato say about our current system of education?

Would he approve? Why or why not?” *Hint: the Ideal Forms! It needs to be abundantly clear that you are doing all your own work in this course. Do not rely on outside sources for content as you write, nor for sample questions, ideas, inspiration, outlines, or thesis topics! Think for yourself. You are capable!