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Philosophy of Knowledge (Logic) Exam Questions

Philosophy of Knowledge (Logic)   Exam problems at end of slide shows 5, 6, 7, and 8. Eight Questions total.   Each section has the information, followed by questions to be answered. Slide show 4 is included because it has background information on coherentism.   All answers must be very clear and concise.   Instructions  

1.     The exam covers units 5-8. 2.     Your  answers  will be in  your  own  words 3.     The exam will consist of 8 questions (covering units 5-8), and your submission should be no more than 4 pages total. 4.     Your answer  to  each  exam  question  will,  on  average,  be  half  a  page  long,  although  the  answers  to  harder  problems  typically  need  to  be  longer  and some  others  can  be  shorter.

5.     The  submission  for  each  exam  should  be typed, with 12 font, single spacing, 1” margins. 6.     Your answers need to be informative but concise.

7.     Your answer to each exam problem should ideally following the follow rules: a.     (1) Address the exam problem directly; do  not  include  anything  irrelevant. b.     (2)  Express  your  thoughts  clearly with sufficient details, understandable by not just me but also other students  in  class,  all  done  under  the  constraint  on  the  available  space. c.     (3) Carefully  choose  when  to,  and  when  not  to,  create  a  new  paragraph. 

d.     (4) Do  not  quote  anyone’s  work  for  this  course;  that  is,  for  this  course,  always  use  your  own  words  to  express  what  you  want  to  express,  even when you are only presenting someone’s view.  8.     References.  you might or might not need to add references. References to my slide may be omitted.