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Draft Research Project ROL Component 150 pts

Introduction and Question:

Describe a healthcare issue (Physical Activity & Nutrition:See attachment “Healthcare Issues” for initial research paper) 

State the population and setting being addressed.

Review of Literature

Include major studies conducted on the topic, including recent literature (no greater than five years) a minimum of ten (10) articles is required.

Include primarily research studies, systematic reviews, and guidelines to address the practice question or healthcare issue you wish to address.

Discuss similar or discrepant research findings identified in the literature review.

A paragraph for each research article will address the components of the article, strengths and weaknesses, and applicability to the selected topic or issue.

Literature Appraisal and Synthesis

Critically appraise the contribution of a few of the key studies completed in the ROL and provide the strengths of the evidence.

Describe the weaknesses in existing studies and identify important gaps in the literature.

This section will be conceptually organized based on the types of articles or findings.

Succinctly summarize and synthesize the findings in this section in no more than 2-3 paragraphs.


Submit the ROL in APA 7th professional format (an abstract is required for the professional paper format).