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Written Assignment Requirements: All written assignments must be completed outside of class and presented in a computer generated form, adhering to the manual of the APA (6th or latest edition. Students paper must be twelve (12) point Times New Roman font, including page numbers, and one (1) inch margins are REQUIRED. In all cases, written assignments should adhere to standard usage of English grammar and be free of spelling and/or typographical errors. (Im picky about this!)

All assignments are due on the dates assigned and will not be accepted late. NO EXCEPTIONS. Papers not turned in on the due date will NOT be accepted after the due date and the student will receive a grade of zero for his/her paper. DO NOT site or reference your TEXTBOOK, Newspapers, or Wikipedia! I will severely count off if you do. I have the textbook, I do not need you to use yours; so find outside sources from books or professional journal articles.

To research your topic, I suggest you go to the following link http://collin.libguides.com/CRIJ-DeBoer Links to an external site.where you will be able to find research articles on your selected topic.