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What are the specific details describing this place? I do most of my studying in my room, sometimes on my bed but most of the time at my desk.
Details describing my stud y area are my black dresser with a mirror attached to it, my bed, my closest, my desk, my tv, my room has a carpet floor, white walls with painting on them, my walls have lights on them. What is it about this place that encourages me to write there?
The reason I like to study in my room is because its quiet and its comfortable to me it’s my space. Nobody is there to distract or bother me. Sometime I study at my desk depending on whether I need to get it done quicker or not. How does this place reflect my scholarly identity? What specific elements are there that reflect my personality, or personal learning style or etc.?
I am drawn to the quietness of my room because I need to be able to think and not be distracted by anything and I need to stay focused. Things that are in my room that reflect to my personality or personal learning style are, my bed and desk I like to be comfortable so doing work there is easy for me. Being in my room alone allows me to be myself ad think and do whatever I want.