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Dorothyis a 68-year-old woman who presents to the clinic with several months offatigue, decreased exercise tolerance, and increased episodes of angina. Shevolunteers an observation that she is craving ice chips. She also has coronaryartery disease with exertional angina for which she takes nitroglycerine. Hermedications include metoprolol, simvastatin, and one lowdose aspirin per day.Physical examination is normal except for her complete blood count is WBC6,500, Hgb 9.8, HCT 28.2%, MCV 78, and platelets 320,000. Her ferritin is 8. 1.


       What is the plan of care for Dorothy?


        Whateducation does Dorothy need regarding her medication and lifestyle?



Hannahis a 14 year old who presents to the clinic with fatigue and complaints ofgetting really tired on her runs. She is a runner and is on the school crosscountry and track team. She has been previously healthy and is a vegetarian.Her last menstrual period was 2 weeks prior to the visit. She states that hermenses are every 4 weeks, and reports that they are heavy and last for 5 to 7days. Hannahs Hgb is 10.1 and her Hct is 31.2%. Her ferritin is 14.



       What is the plan of care for Hannah? Pleasewrite prescription as you would in practice.


What education should she receive regarding hermedication and lifestyle