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reate Your Volunteer Recruiting Plan. 

1)   Analyze the current human resources situation at Feed the Hungry, identify the need for additional human resources, and create a plan to  recruit new volunteers

     Check the Client's web site again.  If you need to, contact someone listed in Contact Us on the web site for additional information .

2)   Assess the organization in terms of what they do now (if anything is different since the worst time of COVID-19) to recruit volunteers. 

3)   Using the framework in Chapter 8,  Competency-Based Recruitment Model (pg. 212), write in the voice of a consultant advising the Feed the Hungry board of Trustees and propose a  Competency-Based Recruitment Plan for them.

4) Suggest a Timeline for implementing the plan and the steps they might need to take to phase out of what they do now to the get to the new recruitment plan.

Include any implications for the paid staff for the implementation, and management of the proposed recruitment plan.   Please pay attention to Board succession (they are volunteers too), the seasonal nature of the Ex Pat volunteer population, any cultural differences for the paid staff and how they might interpret these changes.