plans AMC Theatres to cope Covid-safety at movie theaters

plans AMC Theatres to cope Covid. The student should research about safety at movie theaters and write answers accordingly.

plans AMC Theatres to cope Covid-safety at movie theaters

Your task is to write a 3-page essay about the strategies and plans AMC Theatres has to implement to cope with Covid in order to welcome their customers back to the theatres. There are many strategic issues to be addressed.

Discuss the plan to focus on how they should handle COVID and the restrictions that are present. Under this issue, explore reopening plans and how to increase customer’s confidence in their safety at movie theaters.

This is a Strategy and Formulation class so please use the relevant terminology and sources. Write a paragraph about what AMC has been doing so far to cope with Covid-19. Then write a paragraph for each idea you have for AMC’s re-opening plan.

For example, you can suggest renting open spaces with social distancing for customers, fever measurement at the AMC locations, limiting the capacity to half of the audience, etc. Try to find how other similar companies plan their re-opening, and maybe get some ideas from there ( but don’t mention other companies, other than AMC)

More information about the topic. That is,

When we last checked in with our public-health expert on the safety of returning to theaters in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, his outlook was bleak: “It’s like Russian roulette,” he said. “You never know.”

That was in late June. The major theatrical chains were planning to reopen the following month, in time to lure moviegoers back with the double-whammy releases of Mulan and Tenet, then slated for late-July openings.

But those plans were scuttled as COVID-19 continued to spread across the country, and the death toll rose. Since then, Disney has moved Mulan to its streaming platform, Warner Bros. has rescheduled (and re-rescheduled) Tenet’s debut date, and cineplexes in many states have remained closed.

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