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Please briefly answer the followingquestions in 750 words. (choose any one topic)

Afew tips:


        Please be sure to answer questions inas much depth and detail as possible. (Note that we willof course keep in mind that you only have a maximum of approximately 750 wordsto write each of your essays, but this also means that you should only includethe most important and relevant bits of information.)


        Although we will discuss expectationsfor this course component more in class, as a rough guide, you should aim tomake your answers clear, correct, and convincing. Excellent answers to these questions should (amongother things, of course) be relatively easy to interpret, contain no factual errors,and be logically valid with strong supporting reasons provided. Remember towrite as if you are explaining things to someone who is learning about whatyoure writing on for the first time!




1.       **Accordingto Dzobo, The person who has achieved a creative personality and productivelife and is able to maintain a productive relationship with others is said tohave become a person. Please explain: i) one reason that one might agree withthis perspective, ii) one reason that one might disagree, and iii) whether weshould ultimately be more inclined to either agree or disagree with it,ourselves.


2.       Dignagacan be interpreted as providing an argument for idealism, or, in other words(for the purposes of our class) the view that everything is mind-dependent.Please explain: i) one of the arguments that he provides in support of thisview, ii) one counterargument to it, and iii) whether we should think that thiscounterargument is successful in undermining his position or not.