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The most important aspect of this report is to do your best to find scholarly articles or books on the topic that you can cite with authority
oask the professor if you are having a hard time finding sources
ono need to explain common terms such as those weve used in class, however, if there is a term specific to your topic then you will want to give a definition
oyou may need to limit the scope of your paper if there is a lot of information about your topic, i.e. limit to mens wear or to a specific region or time period
brief intro:Qipao History
The history of cheongsams can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty era (16441912). During the Qing Dynastys reign, the Manchu ethnic group people was called Qi people by Han Chinese. So, the long gown (pao) they wore was called a qipao by the Han Chinese. At that time, officials and scholars of the Qing court were required to wear qipaos as their daily uniform.
Types of Qipao
Originating in the Qing Dynasty, the cheongsam has mainly developed into Beijing styles, Shanghai styles and Hong Kong styles. There are many, many differences in decorations, colors, materials, and designs. Read more about Qipao.