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You have been asked to engage in a consulting assignment. Acme Corporation, a web design and consulting firm, migrated its operation from in-person to avirtual environment. Every one of their 120 employees now work remotely. Soon after the change, executive management noticed a huge issue. Mangers were not happy because they could not keep an eye on their employees when they were working inside a building. Employees reported that they are disengaged because they could not deliver their work on time citing a lack of commitments from their fellow employees. After reading this weeks e-book reading and written web resources, what specific strategies would you come up with to build trust among Acmes employees?
Outline the attributes of the Threefold Path model for developing high-performance teams. After documenting those attributes tell us where you think an employer would besituated in this model. Tell us what
organizational steps you will recommend to reach the final stage of the Threefold Path model. If the
organization is already on the final path, then tell us what specific steps were taken by the management to get to the final path.