Listen to the Radiolab podcast linked above and write a response to the following questions.
Dmitri Belyaevs Foxes
1. Why is Belyaev doing his experiments in Siberia?
2. What is the experiment?
3. Why study Foxes?
4. What was the effect?
5. What other unintended traits appeared in their domesticated foxes?
Neural Crest Cells
6. What are neural Crest Cells? What things do these cells do?
7. How do these cells have multiple effects on adrenal glands and ears?
8. How do Slow Neural Crest Cells affect all these traits?
9. What does it mean that the Foxes are Frozen as Juveniles?
Speculation about Humans
10.Looking at skulls from humans 10,000 years ago what does it tell us?
11. What similarities are there between phenotypes in foxes and humans?
12. Wait a minute Who is doing the selecting? How does human society contribute to this?
13. Are we working toward an evolution of increased empathy?
14. What does it mean to be more floppy eared?