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Podcast script for the topic of Chinese migrant worker. Prefer somebody have knowledge of Chinese history

Create a 10-minute podcast script, which is 1100 words. I have attached all the files and readings related for you to read and research. REMEMBER, it is a PODCAST script, so do your research on how to write the podcast script, not an essay. No need citation also Topic: You are a podcaster working in the vein of This American Life (https://www.thisamericanlife.org) and planning an episode entitled Laboring on the Margins. Human stories are your focus, and through those stories, there are various questions youll want to tackle. (You do not need to answer all of these questions in sequence. Indeed, it may be that just a couple will be sufficient. I will trust that your end-product will justify your choice of question(s).)  1. In China, What do these terms, nongmingong (Migrant (peasant) worker) and gongyou (workmate), mean.  2. What does it mean to live as a nongmingong or gongyou?  3. How have they shaped the identities of millions of Chinese since the 1990s?  4. Are they self-referential or externally applied?  5. Are there positive or negative connotations?  6. To what extent do these identities create new connections, relationships, and/or social conflicts and hardships? For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now