Please write only 5-8 sentences for each question this does have to be in essay format simply answer the questions as 1 then 2 and so on and so on . AMSWER ALL QUESTIONS USE DIFFERENT ARTICLES the questions are below QUESTION 1
Based on the population that you chose, find one community related news article that describes the issues that this population faces according to age. You may choose from children, adults, older adults or other generation (such as a decade or millenial), etc. Provide the title of the article, publication date (must be within the past 10 years), and link to the article. Explain if the identified issues are connected to social, economic, and/or environmental justice and how. Explain if the identified issues are connected to “isms” or not (ex: agism, racism, etc) and how. Then look up a policy on Explain how this policy might address the issue discussed in the news article.5 points