Popular Culture’s Perceptions of Sexuality and Elderly People
Paper details:
Complete a web search to find a cartoon or advertisement in the popular media that conveys an image or message related to sexuality and older people. Examine the medium’s portrayal of sexuality in older adults by answering the following questions. Also, attach or provide the url of your cartoon or advertisement with your assignment submission. Make sure that you choose a cartoon that will provide ample information for you to write about.

Using a minimum of 1000 words, answer the following questions. Be sure to use two references, other than your media item, to support your work. Your job is to convince me that you have a clear understanding of the issues surrounding sexuality and the elderly.

1. What is the message of the popular media cartoon, or advertisement?

2. What examples of physiological, psychological, or social aspects of sexual development are conveyed? Explain. Be sure to address each of the 3 aspects in your discussion.

Grading Rubric
20%/ Message – The message of the media/cartoon/ assignment is discussed 20%
30%/ Aspects – Examples of psychological, physiological, social aspects are given, clearly conveyed and evaluated
10%/ Writing – All writing is clear and relates to the topics given in the instructions
10% /Applied Learning – Presents paper which is linking knowledge and skills from work, community or research activities with knowledge acquired in academic disciplines; explains how elements were combined to shape meaning or findings; and shows the relationship to relevant
10%/ Word Count – Paper meets word count requirements of 1000-words at minimum.
10%/ APA Formatting – Outside academic references are included in summaries and follow APA 6th ed. formatting style.
10% / Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation