The PPT slides may include for each Paper

       1. Introduction

       2. Significance/motiviation

       3. Problem Statement

       4. Related Work

       5. Approaches

o   State-of-the-ArtMethods/Approaches

o   Proposed Method

       6. Results/Evaluations

o   State-of-the-ArtResults

o   Proposed Work Results(if any)

       8. Conclusion

       9. References

Aboutthis paper: 7 slides for this

Shukla, AlokKumar. “Detection of anomaly intrusion utilizing self-adaptive grasshopperoptimization algorithm.” Neural Computing and Applications 33,no. 13 (2021): 7541-7561.


Another7slides for the second paper:

Chou, Dylan,and Meng Jiang. “A Survey on Data-driven Network IntrusionDetection.” ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 54, no. 9(2021): 1-36.

This is an initial version ofthe above one,

Chou, Dylan,and Meng Jiang. “Data-Driven Network Intrusion Detection: A Taxonomy ofChallenges and Methods.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.07352 (2020).


I want to make a PPT presentation for Powerpoint include ThePPT slides may include all the 9 steps.

the ppt show also points and descriptions and Clarification ofsome pictures and an illustrative diagram of the subject to make it easier tounderstand and for sure in the technical part is a must to understand andexplain the topic and present it in a PowerPoint.