PR Strategic Campaign

Work load divided among the group members: Christian, Alex and Skylar
My portion of this part of the project: B, C, Organization and then Opportunity statement in the situational analysis. Overview of the publics for the rest.
Public Perception:
Reputation The reputation of Bright Star Books is good, for the people that are aware of this organization. They are a charity organization and most decent individuals respect that what they are doing is for the good of the children and education for those children.
Visibility This is where Bright Star Books lacks the most. They have almost zero visibility online and offline. They are suffering from a major awareness issue currently and need social media influencers/experts to modify or promote their website and social media accounts. If this is done, the donations of books will be potentially tremendous in numbers in the right situations.
External Environment The external environment is the 3-county area that Bright Star Books covers currently: Summit, Portage and Medina counties.
Supporters The supporters of this organization are another struggle point. They see a lot of one time volunteers that come once and never return. Although, they do have a list of consistent volunteers that are willing to help out if need be; this list only consist of approximately 100 individuals.
Competitors We have no competitors Kait Laux.
Opposition The opposition this organization currently faces is other organizations that are doing similar charity work such as: Akron Childrens Hospital and Dolly Partons Imagination Library. The problem with these organizations is that they do not focus on low-income families, they are willing to give resources to those who dont necessarily need it, while Bright Star Books does the opposite.
External Impediments The only external impediment the organization currently has is lack of awareness on social media and how to go about improving that status. This is crucial to the organization reaching their target audience of moms with books to donate.
Opportunity Statement –
The problem with Bright Star Books is lack of awareness. This lack of awareness is both online and offline. We, the ACS agency believe if we increase awareness through various tactics that we can improve the donations of books to Bright Star Books.
Publics The key public for Bright Star Books is wealthier, suburban moms in the area aforementioned. In order to get these publics involved, we need to raise awareness of this organization to these publics to get them to donate their unused books.
Overview of Publics These publics live in the Hudson area, Macedonia area, Stow area, and Streetsboro areas. These are the wealthier parents that have had kids in the past and have extra books from a previous time in their lives that offers a lot to the organization if they could reach these publics.