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Present RQ’s for each issue/problems/sub-topic after reviewing it.

Introduction Overviewing (introducing) topic with a few citations. Rationale for the study Purpose of the study Literature Review Identify 2-3 issues/problems/sub-topics involved in your topic (2-3 issues/problems/sub-topic you will actually examine in your study). Review literature based on each issue/problem/sub-topic you identified.

Present RQ’s for each issue/problems/sub-topic after reviewing it. **No variables and hypotheses in a qualitative study Method Choose one of 5 qualitative methods and justify why the chosen method best fits your study. Explain who your participants (typically 10-20) are for in-depth interviews or the site (community) you join for observations in case you go with ethnographic study. Justify why you chose those participants or the site. Explain in detail how you recruit the participants or how you join the site (community). Explain the process of data collections in detail, such that how, where, how long you conduct interviews or how you plan to observe and make field notes. References List sources of all literature you cited in the text, following APA style. You are required to cite at least 8 studies in the text and thus list information minimum 8 studies in the references section. This section does not count as a part of the minimum 7 pages of the text.